Technique and language of perfumery

Saturdays 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM | Ivana Barrios
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Limited places. Groups of 5 to 10 people
6 Sessions | See Value


  • Professionals in perfumery creation, brands or distribution willing to develop their perfumery knowledge and culture.


  • Acquire and structure your perfumery knowledge.
  • Desarrollar una «cultura de perfumería».
  • Master the vocabulary to describe a fragrance.
  • Identificar notas claves y acuerdos


  • Understanding of olfaction (physiological description).
  • Olfaction and emotions
  • Smell memorization technique.
  • Materials, bases, chords and fragrances in the rough.
  • In depth review of naturals and chemicals ingredients by olfactive family.
  • Structures of fragrances, formulations and concentrations.
  • Analytical and emotional language in describing fragrances.


  • A fee will be charged that will cover the cost of the materials shared among the students in class and the notes for each student.
  • Students have the option to buy their own Olfactorium® (compact and portable pallets of raw materials). The needs of the Technique and Language course of the Perfumery require two: (Olfactorium® Introduction # 1 and Olfactorium® Introduction # 2) of 48 vials each.

Certificates will be delivered to those who wish with an extra cost.