The Advanced Perfumery Program

Monday and Wednesday 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM | Ivana Barrios
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Limited places. Groups of 5 to 10 people
6 Sessions | See Value

Improve your level of olfactory ability in this course, which is a continuation of the Technique and Language of Perfumery course. Improve your smell skills, master the classification of fragrances, memorize key raw materials and their illustration in market products and develop your perfumery culture. You will review olfactory families of citrus, aromatic, new freshness, marine; Floral, aldehydic, green, fruity; Woody, spicy, powdery, sweet, musk; and Cyprus, oriental, leather, amber and fougere. You will also study the key raw materials in each olfactory family (natural, synthetic ingredients and specialties), the key fragrances and the latest trends in each olfactory family (fragrances of women and men).

Prerequisite: haber realizado el curso «La técnica y el lenguaje de la perfumería» por Cinquième Sens.


  • Professionals in fragrance creation companies, perfumery brands, perfumery distribution or fragrance enthusiasts.


  • This course will give you a deeper understanding of the fragrance themes by olfactive families. It is a continuation of «The Technique and Language of Perfumery» program. You will improve your olfactive skills!


  • Master fragrance classification, memorize key raw materials and their illustration in market products and develop your perfumery culture. In this program you will review olfactive families of Citrus, Aromatic, New Freshness, Marine; Floral, Aldehydic, Green, Fruity; Woody, Spicy, Powdery, Gourmand, Musk; and Chypre, Oriental, Leathery, Ambery, and Fougere. You will also go over the key raw materials in each olfactive family of Naturals, Synthesis ingredients, and Specialties. Key fragrances with last launches in each olfactive family for Women’s fragrances and Men’s fragrances.


  • A fee will be charged that will cover the cost of materials shared among students in class and printed material for each student.
  • Students have the option to buy their own Olfactorium®. The advanced course requires three: Olfactorium® AC1, Olfactorium® AC2 and Olfactorium® AC3 of 48 vials each.

Certificates will be delivered to those who wish with an extra cost.